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P r o m o t i o n.

Hi there fellow Gaians!! I'm posting here today because I'm trying to promote(I hope this is allowed) my artshop thread. I've had this thread for a little while but unfortunately no customers and I'd like to think I'm a somewhat decent artist with reasonable prices. So here goes...

R e f e r e n c e s.

o1. deviantArt there's a few gaia related art postings there and also original character work if that's your fancy.

o2. known_as_leah my personal sketch/wip/cg/art related blog , there's more stuff there!

And to make this a legitimate gaia related posting...

[Perhaps I should remake my graphics :O?]

So if you could humor me with a customer or two , I'd be thankful. Also , anyone have any tips on how to get noticed in the R&C forum? Like I'm working on improving artistically and developing a style but it's hard to not drown in all the different shops out there (°ω°)>!
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